Welcome to the Fur Baby Mom Fundraising Program

With our beautiful product line, we have developed an attractive way for pet lovers to express their love of animals and at the same time give back to the noble cause of pet rescue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ to better understand our program.

How does my organization actually raise funds with this program?

Pet lovers find out about our products through our various marketing efforts – social media campaigns, community outreach and strategic partnerships – among others.

They visit our website and shop for their favorite items.Upon check out, they are directed to enter the partner number (your organization will be assigned a dedicated number) of the shelter/rescue that they would like to donate.

Our modernized system calculates 20% of the total order* and we then send those funds to the selected organization.

What is the cost for my organization to participate in this program?


There is absolutely no cost at all to become a Partner.As we mentioned, our goal is to support you in your efforts.We understand that raising funds to support your organization can be a burdensome endeavor.Our hope is to ease that burden.

Does my organization have to be a non-profit?

Yes.At this time we work exclusively with 501c3 charitable organizations.Future expansions may include working with retail locations to broaden our charitable contributions.

Is this all that Fur Baby Mom offers to rescues and shelters?

Absolutely not.Support comes in many forms.And we recognize the need to assist new and established organizations in a wide variety of topics.Our team has an extensive skill set – from marketing and promotion to strategic partnerships and networking to volunteerism.We want you to succeed…so we’re here to help.

What areas of the country do you accept partners?

We work with rescues and shelters all across the United States.Currently, we are working to expand to other parts of the world who demonstrate a need for assistance.

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