With the expansive community of pet lovers and owners, we believe that by pooling our efforts through affordable means we can have a significant impact in the reduction of pet euthanizations.  In most instances, we have found that rescue organizations are founded and operated by everyday, ordinary folks looking to make a difference.  As small non-profit organizations, fund raising is their primary challenge.

We believe that Fur Baby Moms will be a catalyst to overcoming that hurdle.  With our unique fund-raising model, our aim is to ease the burden of everyday expenses so that these dedicated souls can continue their work in reducing the epidemic of stray animals and find them forever homes with loving families.

Know an organization who might benefit from            fund-raising?

We are always looking for shelters and rescues to assist.  If you know of a small or large organization you feel we could assist, please use the form to the right to tell us about them.  We’ll reach out to them and tell them all about the benefits of Fur Baby Mom.

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